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Answer too brief?


I'm almost finished with a 15 X 15. But I have an entry for "pcline" (for Patsy Cline). Clue is "Walkin' After Midnight" singer, briefly. Have you seen this kind of brevity before? Is this acceptable? If not, perhaps clue should be written for "pc line"; but I'm not computer-savy enough to form a definition. It has something to do with hooking up speakers, I think. Can you help?

I have seen shortening like this before, but usually when the person clued is well known by their initials. I haven't heard of Patsy Cline being referred to as P. Cline, so I could see this answer raising some eyebrows. However, the song used to clue the name is a gimme, so most solvers could probably figure out your intent.

Another option for cluing, along the lines of pc line (i.e., personal computer line) might be to interpret pc as "politically correct". Maybe take a line of poetry or a line of dialogue and replace male pronouns with gender neutral ones? As in this line from John Donne: "No man (or woman!) is an island, entire of itself." It's a little crass, but maybe a germ of an idea.

Clever idea. I'm going to play around with that. Thanks a bunch!


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