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Words too obscure? DINGES and GRIGRI


Greetings, I'm putting together a 15x15 puzzle that has the difficulty of a NYT Saturday.

I'm happy with the long across words and phrases. The fill is good in general, but I have two words that may be too obscure:

DINGES - (singular) South African slang for thingamabob

GRIGRI - Assisted braking device to help secure rock-climbers

I tried to replace these two words, but I end up nuking most of the puzzle. Thoughts?

In my view they are too obscure.

I don't know if this helps any; but "grigri," per Wikipedia, is an alternate spelling of "gris-gris," which is a Voodoo amulet.
In New Orleans, I have heard people use this word in re: some so-called Voodoo trinkets they sell down there.


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