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Somehow I get LATimes infor, but no puzzle

Thanks to Filer for the link to the puzzle on the Mensa website - it loads a lot faster there than on the LAT website since the Mensa site doesn't seem to show advertising. But I miss the puz / Across Lite format... Anyway, hopefully the person who posts the puzzles here on cruciverb is having a fantastic vacation!

Sad to say I made a 'donation' to this site in May, and now there are no LATimes puzzles!

I don't know who provides the LA Times puzzles or who "moderates" this site, but it's pretty lax. The Jonesin' link has been dead for months (puzzles ARE available elsewhere) and I've never seen an answer to a question here.

Folks, the owner of this site's email address is on the home page.


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