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April 19: Something's fishy


C.C. Burnikel came up with another clever idea. Today's crossword includes this clue: "Ingredient in some Asian soup, or, literally, what each answer to a starred clue has." The answer is FISHHEAD.

Garage alternative: CARPORT
Droopy-eared dog: BASSETHOUND 
Testimony preceder: SOLEMNOATH
Common cause of food poisoning: SALMONELLA
Garment with a fitted waist & flared bottom: SKATERDRESS

A skater dress is so named because it resembles the characteristic style of dress worn by female figure skaters. A skater dress is actually just a short A-line dress:

Salmonella is a bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family. There are two species, Salmonella enterica and Salmonella bongori. The bacteria were named for Daniel Salmon, a veterinary pathologist with the Department of Agriculture. Some people get flowers or butterflies or streets or mountains named for them. I wonder how Salmon felt about his name being used for bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website has detailed information about Salmonella:

The now-acceptable use of product names in crosswords is possibly getting out of hand. Today we have ARI ("Pop singer Grande's fragrance"), ALPO ("Shepherd's dinner, perhaps"), AMANAS ("Some kitchen appliances"), HPS {"Officejet printers"), NOKIA ("Finnish tech giant") and SPEEDO ("Racer's swimwear brand"). A clever clue is "Present mo." My first thought was APRIL but the answer is DEC, the month when we give and get presents.

To conclude, here is a recipe for fish head soup -- but please don't expect me to eat any!


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