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Do i need some software or something?


I'm a new crossword writer and I've  been creating my puzzles in MS Excel.  It works pretty well.  I can mess around with my grid, use the empty space for word lists, alternate words, and possible theme answers.  I can use different tabs for different versions of parts of the puzzle that I am trying to finish.  But when i want to create a final document, things get a little unwieldy.  Is there some CW specific software I should be using (especially if I want to start submitting) and will it allow me the control and flexibility that Excel does?

Thanks again!

Most constructors use Crossword Compiler. It does a great job of organizing everything, creating grids, managing word lists, suggesting clues, and formatting for submission. It's a Windows application, but some Mac users use it with the Windows simulation process (don't know the actual terminology). - to properly fill grids you'll need the Professional Grid Filler add-on. I think it is essential if you plan to sell puzzles professionally.

There are other options, but I haven't tried them. See software link in the resources section of this web site.

Thank you.

Crossfire by Beekeeper Labs is another option, has support for windows, linux and mac. Plus it's grid filling capabilities are exceptional. It's not that expensive, comes with a lifetime license. I've got Crossword Compiler as well but its the Standard version, so tend to use a hybrid approach when constructing, Crossfire to design and fill the grid and Crossword Compiler for clue writing and final export.


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