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For 2-3 weeks, the Wall StreetJournal & Jonesin, which I usually obtain from their respective archives, have been unreachable. If I click on the specific puzzle in question, the progress puck starts up, goes about 20% across, then stops. Eventually I get a time out or some such message.

Both are apparently sourced from the same URL (dnsherb something or another). I suspect (obviously) that something has happened in the common archive provider.

Anyone have any info on this, or any idea whether this is temporary or what? I really miss the WSJ puzzle.

I'm having the same problem. The website seems to have suddenly disappeared without warning or explanation.

Puzzle Lady:
I too am having the same problem.  Who else can we contact?

It seems to be back up.
Both of these worked for me today:

HURRAY! You're right, all is well.


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