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I sometimes get the impression that the quality of the Sunday NYT varies a bit from week to week. As a frequently rejected daily constructor I wonder if chances would be better submitting Sunday puzzle.
Any advice on trying a jump to Sunday?

Try to study and get to know Will's dry sense of humor. Catering to William's throne might set you back in time & in mind.

The real question in deciding what size puzzle to attempt is whether you have enough good theme material to get to a Sunday-size puzzle. If you have a theme that you think is good enough for NYT Sunday, by all means go for it. There are a number of constructors who made their NYT debut on Sunday. I agree with you that there is a lot of variability in the NYT Sunday, both in difficulty and overall quality (whatever that is), but the one thing all NYT Sunday puzzles have in common is a theme that you can almost never say "I've seen this one before". Will is always looking for new twists, new ideas . . . you get the picture. Good luck!


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