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A Questioning Clue?


While trying to be cute, the subject above catches the entirety of my question:

Are there any kind of rules involved on what clues earn a "?" after them? (this occurred to me, and after looking at several puzzles, I really can't see an ironclad rule in operation...)

"?" means the clue's not to be taken literally, word play or some other form of funny
business is taking place, if you've got a really tricky/funny clue that's dances around
 an entry's definition its "?" worthy :)

Okay.  Usually my confusion (and why I ask) is that I encounter many clues that using that definition (or other common ones which deserve the "?" if "funny business" is the measure.  Guess it depends on how you define "funny business"?

Yup, it's a pretty subjective matter, if you think a particular clue needs one, then by all means add it, though what I tend to do is to check out the clue database. Sometimes a previous constructor would've clued the entry in a similar way and if a ?'s in play then you're on the
right path.


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