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How do you transfer the cruciverb wordlist to Crossfire on a Mac?

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sgrossman10: bits and pieces of the above instructions are if this looks somewhat familiar to what hasn't worked in past it's not...and it's worked for me on several occasions (as I often use crossfire and crossword compiler and so am transfering .txt lists like the cruciverb wordlist to .dict files and updating my Crossfire primary dictionary). So here's what works for me:

1) Download the Cruciverb word list as .txt it to your desktop (at least for now, this makes it most accesible for your mac)
2) Right click on your newly created .txt file and select "Get Info", where you see "Name and Extension" you'll also see your file name...replace ".txt" with ".dict" and when prompted be sure to say "Use .dict" and don't use both .txt and .dict. ONLY .dict
3) In Crossfire select the "Crossfire" menu, hit the "Dictionary" tab found in the top center
4) Press "Add" and locate your newly created & modified Cruciverb .dict wordlist
5) If you'd like to make it your primary list be sure to highlight it and select "Make Primary", otherwise position it in your hierarchy of wordlists as you please
6) Press ok at the bottom right of dialog box and allow a sec or two for dictionaries to update.
7) Done! (Hope this works for you)


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