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Data base gone


I use iOS 8.13 safari browser, click the puzzle data and get screen to donate, I am only interested in LA Times in which I am subscribed to. Been downloading it from here for years, first from app( until it broke) now from safari. I realize there is a switch over to new site so I guess I am wondering if the screen I am getting is normal?

I am having the same problem using my Kindle Fire.  The links to the puzzles are gone, including the LA Times database.  Basically, the normal home page is blank.

I am also unable to get LA Times.

After clearing the cache on my Safari browser (iPad) the LA Times link now switches me to the LA Times puzzle page. I also noticed that the LA Times Archive on this site is now gone. I suspect the honeymoon is over and we will no longer be able to download LAT in .puz format. Goodbye Cruciverb.


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