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I'm a daily crossword solver, and I often do the puzzles with my boyfriend. For his birthday, I want to make him a crossword with some answers that are meaningful to us (about 10 in total). I have no preference on what the answers for the rest of the puzzle grid will be, but I do want it to follow the symmetry and blocking of a real crossword. I have access to both PC and Mac, can anyone give me advice on the best software that will allow me to input my answers and then autofill the answers for the rest of the puzzle grid? I'm willing to pay for it if needed, but since this is the only time I'll be using the software, I'd prefer free.

Thanks for any help you can give!

I don't know of a tool with autofill that retails for less than $40-$60.  Without autofill, there's a great tool (full disclosure: I made it) that's $19.95 for unlimited puzzles or $3.95 for a single puzzle:

Crossword Hobbyist supports newspaper-style puzzles or teacher-style puzzles.  (The main link within the site is to teacher-style puzzles, making a newspaper-style puzzle is accessible from your home page).

There's a free one out there called "MagnumOpus" that's a free constructor with autofill. It's really slow, but it might do what you need.
You could also just take advantage of the demo version of Crossword Compiler.

Thanks, all! I really appreciate it. Hoping this turns out well!


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