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I purchased Crossword Compiler some time ago and have yet to figure how the dang thing works. Absolutely no instructions came with the CD and I am not a computer whiz. Does anybody know of an instruction guide of some sort? Dumb in Merced.

There's a fair amount of info on the website...

Option 2, you could contact Nancy Salomon who says this in "Notes From A Mentor" on this site:

I have a canned set of Crossword Compiler set-up instructions. I'll be happy to send these to anyone who emails me, but there are two warnings. First, I'm on Version 7. I can't be sure all the settings are the same for Version 8. Second, you may want to handle your word lists differently from the way I do. Even if that's the case, the instructions should give you what you need to set up a template and set your default headers and settings so that your puzzle will print out properly for hard copy submissions.


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