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Author Topic: Fri., 8/29 Frank Virzi  (Read 1235 times)


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Fri., 8/29 Frank Virzi
« on: August 29, 2014, 09:05:14 AM »
THEME:   I apologize for not being able to explain the theme and for not having the patience to spend more then a few minutes figuring it out.  Go to
Obviously I am not up to this puzzle's theme.  First, I don't know which "six pairs of puzzle answers" I am supposed to look at.   
Second, having selected the six ACROSS pairs separated by only one block, I have no idea how they are related to LEMONADE "divided properly": perhaps I don't know what properly means, but I am assuming Lemon + ade. 
Third, perhaps I should be scouring the grid for six pairs of DOWN clues.   
I am able, however, to point out that :   
100 C-notes is not TEN G but Ten G's, and    
"Agitate," while denotatively means FERMENT, foment is the term used to provoke action.  Ferment is reserved for the chemical reaction.  A better clue would be "Rot, in a way."   
Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun   


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