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Tuesday, July 22 crossword clue.


I just wanted to point out that the clue for "moot" (assuming that was the answer) had almost the opposite meaning: the clue given was "debatable".

Law schools hold "moot court" competitions, where students argue a made-up case.  The Ents held an "Entmoot" to decide whether to go to war in The Lord of the Rings.  But there is also a "moot point", which I think can be taken to mean "subject to argument," with a flavor of not being worth it because there's no way to come up with a correct answer.

Not that it matters at this point, but there's also the concept of mootness in law.  If events subsequent to the filing of a case somehow end the dispute before the court gets to it, the case becomes "moot" and thus (with exceptions) beyond federal court jurisdiction, which is limited to "cases and controversies."


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