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Games Magazine response?


I've sent several puzzles via email to Games Mag address provided, over period of several months. No responses. Anyone have a feel for what to expect?

Answering my own question, I finally (after sending an email to a couple of people in the "Contact Us" page of the Kappa web site) got a reply that they couldn't use any of my puzzles, and stating "Unfortunately, I am accepting a very limited number of puzzles these days, and after reviewing yours, I am going to decline. They are all solid puzzles, but I have to be extremely selective about the ones I accept." There was no indication of what type of puzzles they're looking for nor any indication of why they couldn't use these. Would be interested in comments from others - trying to determine if it's worth the trouble to submit any more.

Games and World of Puzzles have been consolidated into a single magazine, published nine times a year, so that means they need half as many puzzles as before. You need to come up with an unusual or rarely-used idea. How about trying to construct a puzzle that uses no E's or one that uses every letter of the alphabet? I remember one puzzle where all the words in the bottom half were reversals of the words in the top half. Another puzzle had words that wrapped around corners. Ya gotta come up with a gimmick!


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