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Hello all.  This is my first post.  I have a question relating to the cross-referencing of puzzle answers. 
For example, let's say the answer to 12-down is "Jerry", and my clue is a SEINFELD reference.  Then, later in the puzzle, I have "Tom" as an answer.  Can I say, "Nemesis of 12-down" for my clue?  Or, since I referenced SEINFELD, it prohibits me from such a clue?

Also, when submitting to Will Shortz, is he OK with a couple of possible clues for an answer?  Or, do you just send him your very best one? Thank you.


--- Quote ---Or, since I referenced SEINFELD, it prohibits me from such a clue?
--- End quote ---

JMHO: I would feel that since the clue referenced Seinfeld, cross-referencing a different entry would only work if the clue were related to Seinfeld as well.

For example:
1A JERRY - "Comedian with a sit-com"
12D GEORGE - "Friend of 1A"

I don't know the answer to your question about alternate clues for Will Shortz.

It's fine to send alternate clues with NYT puzzle submissions.  Just separate them with a slash "/".
(...Almost completely unrelated to the clues themselves, Will likes a broad empty space in the middle of the clue page so he can write in his edits.  So as long as your clues aren't encroaching on that, you should be fine).

-Joe K.


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