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Sending puzzle to multiple newspapers?


Are you allowed to send the same puzzle to multiple newspapers? What if two newspapers accept the same puzzle then what?

The rule is to send the puzzle to only one editor at a time, and wait for the reply... as painfully long as that may take.  If that first editor rejects the puzzle, then you can immediately send it to the next editor.  This can clearly takes months, but it's a professional courtesy to the editors.

How many puzzles should I attempt to submit at a time to Will Shortz? If I have two or three puzzles ready now, can I submit all of them together, or just one at a time?

Check the publisher's guidelines (some specifically say you can send more puzzles before you've received replies on ones pending, others ask you not to send new puzzle or query before you've received replies on previous). If the specifications are silent, I would take it to mean you can send as many as you want, until they tell you otherwise. One point to note is that if your puzzle is rejected you are likely to get some feedback about why that may be helpful in your future work for that publisher.

Thank you for your response. The NY Times is silent on this subject, so I figure no more than two at a time would be ok.


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