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Author Topic: Sun., 2/9 Pawel Fludzinski  (Read 2589 times)


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Sun., 2/9 Pawel Fludzinski
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:46:43 AM »
THEME:   words and phrases for which the number 42 is significant --- a most creative idea
Douglas Adam's…   FORTY-TWO   
They have strings attached   APRONS   
Degree of interest?   PER CENT   
Checkered start?   CEE   
Mysterious character   RUNE   
King who died at (42)   ELVIS PRESLEY [well I guess that as close as we in the US get to royalty]   
Sun. delivery   SER   
Scholar   SAVANT [Sadly one may be a scholar but not a savant.]   
Jazz title   COUNT [that's Basie, but it's not his title but his name]   
Part of an ano   ENERO [not used in our language, and why is "part of an" in English?]   
Honorarium   FEE [I think of it not as a fee but as an award.  I never charged a fee to speak but was given an honrorium.  But from the institutions point of view it may be a fee.]   
RATING:    ;D ;D ;D
Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun   


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Re: Sun., 2/9 Pawel Fludzinski
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 06:40:22 PM »
Part of an ano = ENERO. Beside not being English. It's not a good clue. Enero means January, not month. A better clue might have been: Beginning of an ano.

I thought cheaters to teachers was a good one.


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Re: Sun., 2/9 Pawel Fludzinski
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 08:55:39 AM »
Got me again!  I had the ANAGRAM clue circled as a good one but forgot to include it.  :-[


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