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New to the site -- publishing standards question


Hi all,

Jazz composer/horse racing broadcaster digging into the world of crossword construction here (figured "why not?" after doing at least two puzzles daily for the last two years).  Last night into today, I constructed a 15x15 themed grid with 42 black squares (one fewer than the max allowed by LA Times), BUT 82 words total (four MORE than the max allowed by LA Times).  Are any publishers willing to consider such a puzzle?  Once I get the clues written, I'll submit for critique.  Thanks!


42 blocks and 82 words will probably be too much for NYT, LAT. Unless there is an extremely clever theme that requires the extra. Otherwise, I recommend going back for a rework.

I'm sure you could send it in to other publications more lax on the rules. I recommend Games Magazine or USA Today.


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