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Yet another new member and a question to start


Greetings, a newbie at construction, but a longtime NY Times puzzler.....I am in the final stages of my first (21 x 21).....I wanted to pose a clue for the old 2-letter Printer's  Measure answer .......however, when I asked several non-puzzlers about this clue/answer, I got a lukewarm response.  What do you think of this?

Clue:  Half a rapper

Answer: EM

I'm afraid I don't get the clue. Are you referring to EMINEM?  Since his name is not EM AND EM, it would be impossible to get EM from your clue.  Unless there's another rapper you're referring to that I'm not getting...

But your real problem is this: No major publisher allows two-letter entries. If your grid has two-letter entries and you hope to get it published, you will have to restructure that part of the grid as well as its symmetrical partner.


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