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Jack R. Lewis:
Seems that once again, the LA Times puzzle translation to AcrossLite hasn't been done for today (Monday, 11/25/13).

Why has this process not been automated long ago? In fact, why has the same process not been applied to other puzzles no longer ready-made for AcrossLite?

Speaking of which:

Why are the last 2 AcrossLite puzzles on Friday not bulleted to match the first four?
Why are advertisements for avxword listed as AcrossLite puzzles (which they no longer publish, and certainly not for free)?

Knit one, purl two (pay attention to your knitting, there will be a quiz)...

It's still screwed up Tuesday. It's not just automation. Somebody has to pay attention and I've never seen or gotten a response here or by email. Mail to has bounced.

On the other hand, MTuW puzzles are hardly worth the download.

Jack R. Lewis:
First: fixed as of Tuesday evening.

Second: Any puzzle is better than no puzzles at all.

Third: This disturbing trend of doing away with Across Lite versions of freely accessible puzzles - or not having freely accessible puzzles at all - is something I'm not comfortable with (which also explains why I haven't done a NYTimes puzzle in many moons).

Jack R. Lewis:
...and, missing again (Monday, 12/2/2013)...   :-\

Jack R. Lewis:
...and, as of Monday evening, the puzzle is there to be found.




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