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Sat., 11/2 Barry Silk


THEME:   none, but there are only a few blocks
Some legal cases   ATTACHES   
Take inventory?   SHOPLIFT   
Bottom topper   TALC   
Oil holder   EASEL   
O or A, e.g.   ALER [I thought blood types & was sad to see this Xwordese when I realized it was baseball teams]   
Food safety aid   MEAT THERMOMETER [never thought of it as anything but a means of making the meat taste better: wellness (not health)]     ;)
Arabic for "struggle"   JIHAD [I smell PC at work here: it means war not opening a jar of pickles]   
They get high on occasion   SOPRANOS [I get it, but I think they start out high and get higher from there --- so "They're always high"]   
"Cotton Candy" musician   HIRT [at 50-Down there is JAVA, the name of his most famous hit: seems a missed opportunity]   
Name on a WWII flier   ENOLA [I thought "Gay WWII flier" might have gotten a chuckle]   
Cabinet part   SECRETARY [Isn't that the name of the cabinet?  What else would you call one that has a secretary?]   
Normally themeless puzzles are not my favorite, but this one was a lot of fun.   
RATING:    ;D ;D ;D
Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun   

RE: the word JIHAD, religious terminology can be complicated. JIHAD means something different depending on whether it is used by an Islamic scholar, an extremist or fundamentalist, a western journalist, or your average practicing Muslim.

With that in mind, in many contexts the word JIHAD really does mean struggle. It can be used in a symbolic or religious sense (the struggle with the mind to be a good Muslim) and not necessarily in the sense of an actual war. So, for me, the clue for JIHAD was not PC, just a different usage.

As another example, think about the word "avatar." When I see it I think of an incarnation or manifestation of Vishnu. In fact, RAMA was clued that way in today's (Nov. 6) LAT puzzle at 63 Across. But most folks only know the word avatar either from the movie or as a computer term.

And what about far more common religious terminology like icon, guru, or even saint? (think New Orleans football) Those words all started out with very different meanings but usage has evolved over time.

Okay, this got pretty long and rambling, but I hope it was at least somewhat interesting.

PS. For an interesting take on what being PC means do a search for Guante and a visit from the PC police.

Thanks, Ahimsa, for setting me straight about jihads, and despite the wafting of PC still lingering in the air, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

I'm not sure I follow your reference to guante, glove in Spanish.  I Googled it and found some vocalist/rapper.  Is it that he is un-PC?  By the way, I prefer to use P inC.

Sorry to be confusing. I should have used quotes in my last message.

I was trying to point you to a video made by that fellow named Guante (stage name, I'm sure--I didn't know it meant glove!). The video has the title, "A Visit from the PC Police." Here's the link:

I enjoyed the video when I first saw it and hope you also like it. It was just something that came into my mind (free association, I guess!) when you mentioned being PC.

Saw the Guante screed, and the jackass I saw was Guante wearing a knit hat indoors, using shit a few times to shoe he's hip, and referring to those who think the N-word is a stupid euphemism for nigger are jackasses.    What I do consider offensive is "white privilege," which I consider racist given all the people, whites included, who work hard and get appallingly low wages.  And, what is "retarded" is thinking that the word is itself offensive.

For more on PC, you can go to and click on "Short Sights."  I suspect, however, you will be disappointed at my jackassedness. 


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