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Wed., 9/25 Mangesh Ghogre


THEME:   business abbreviations found in famous names
Company's main activity {& theme}   CORE BUSINESS [the abbreviations are in the "core" of the names]   
"Dear" one?   ABBY   
For some reason I noticed this puzzle has an odd ("unacceptable?") grid, and upon further look it is not 15X15!  I am shocked and have trouble breathing.  This is like "The Rape of the Lock."     
Garden pest   ANT [are they garden or picnic pests?]   
Three grins = Loved it; Two grins = Enjoyed it; One grin = A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Not much fun   

LOL at your shock over the unconventional grid size and symmetry!

On a more serious note, I enjoyed this puzzle more than you did. I generally like hidden word themes. Since this theme was a set of related acronyms, with a different one in each theme entry, that was a bit more fun than the usual hidden word theme.

RUBICUND was a new word for me but I like new words and the crosses seemed fair.

I think the clue for SSI is wrong. I'm not certain but I think it's a confusion between SSDI (disability benefits) and SSI (supplemental security income). SSI is granted based on need or disability. Many SSI recipients never pay any FICA. And I'm pretty sure that SSI is funded by different branch of the government. But that's a pretty minor nit that most people won't know or care about.

Hi, Ahimsa---

FICA, the act, is responsible for Social Security benefits in general, so I would say the clue is fine:  SSI is a FICA benefit.  But this is why I flunked out of Accounting School.


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