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Mon., 1/28 Gareth Bain


Theme: lots of M's  [cries out for a title like "M&M's"]

Good ones:
Campbell's soup slogan {and theme}   MMMMGOOD
Space-saving abbr.   ETC [come to think of it, aren't they all?]
Diddly, to Dali   NADA
Taken in a break-in   STOLEN [rather poetic, no?]

Somme summer   ETE [while ETE is not used in English, given its popularity in Xwords, this is a worthy clue]

Global currency org.   IMF [am I mistaken but does this also mean the Impossible Mission Force from the TV series of long ago?   I watched a few episodes and laughed at how evrerything technical seemed to go off without a hitch.  I guess what was impossible about the mission was that everything could work out.]

RATING:    :D :D


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