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Sun. 1/27 Elizabeth C. Gorski


Theme:  THATS surrounds each long entry [clever, but even with the title I can see how it can be easily missed]

Good ones:
Spot in front of the telly?   TEA
Sailor's direction   AFT [I thought compass, not in the boat itself]
Berth place   DOCK [not birthplace  --- second maritime reference today]
Some aromatic cakes    SOAP [I thought baba]
Dreaded Jamaican?   RASTA
Bar fliers    DARTS [looks like barflies]
Theater opening     ACTI [not the building but the drama, and not the drama's run, but the actual play]
Turn at the bar, perhaps   SWIVEL [literally]

Nautical ropes   TYES [third reference, is new to me, and I read Chapman's Piloting
"I'm not impressed"   MEH [nor am I with "meh"]

Rating:  ;D ;D ;D


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