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Sat. 1/26 Brad Wilber


Themeless: 28 blocks

Good Ones:
Navigational aid   CANAL [never thought of it that way; I was thinking LORAN,  etc.]

Briefs not seen in court, hopefully   BVDS

Em's title   AUNTIE [from The Wizard of Oz]

Raise your hand if you knew MOLYBDENUMSTEEL or OCOTILLO.  Computers are great.

You usually don't get one when you ground into a DP   RBI [don't think I ever saw a time when an RBI was given on a ground ball double play --- though I can imagine the poissibility --- with very slow runners and an oddly placed outfielder.]

It's been since the Fifties since I heard THEFIXISIN.

SEI is Italian and not used in our language.

Rating:   ;D ;D


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