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Fri., 1/25 Kurt Krauss


Puns of phrases ending in synonyms of yell.

Good ones:
Cry from a duped investor   PONZISCREAM
Cry from a Jeddah native   SAUDISHRIEK
Cry from a superfan   BOOSTERSHOUT
Arch type   OGEE [looks like archetype]
I strain?   EGO [oldie but goodie]
Jay related to a peacock?   LENO [NBC logo became a peacock when color TV began]
Good earth   LOAM [echo of Pearl Buck's classic]

Had a little something   NOSHED [Yiddish translation.  As far back as when I was a young  man in Brooklyn, there was a restaurant called the Bagel Nosh]

RATING:   :D :D  :D


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