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Thu. Jan. 24 Michael Sharp


Theme:   Initial 3-letter words of phrases normally spelled _AY are spelled _EY but pronounced the same.

Good Ones:
Luminous Spanish king   REYOFLIGHT
Diary closer   CLASP
Bee's charge?   OPIE [Aunt Bee, not Bea]
Teens conflict, briefly   WWI [note no apostrophe]
Up in the air   HIGH
One who might get caught off base   AWOL
Works on stage   DRAMAS [noun, not verb]

Why is POTPIE (and other foods I like) called "comfort food"?  I should think all tasty food is comforting --- except for those who eat only to stay alive and so disparage food the rest of us appreciate.

Rating:   ;D ;D ;D

P.S.  Good to be back  :)


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