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Banned Crosswords?


A few years back (2006/2007?) there was someone on this site taking submissions of crosswords that had themes too racy for the usual publication venues.  I think it might have been "Banned Crosswords" or something like that?  Does anyone have the title/author/editor/ISBN for this book?

That would be Jim Jenista's Banned Crosswords. I don;t believe he's taking submissions anymore. I'll check with him to make sure.

- km

The June 18 2014 New York Times crossword included SPAZZES ("totally inept sorts") and PRICK ('balloon's undoing"), two words that I was surprised to see in a puzzle. Brand names, formerly forbidden in puzzles, are becoming increasingly common. Why have puzzle editors been gradually lowering their standards as to what words are acceptable?

Good question.  I'd add "Butt Naked" (appeared in Saturday's NYT) to the list.  To me, at least, that seems cruder than the sum of its parts.


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