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Title: crossfire
Post by: jrob on May 28, 2012, 08:52:21 PM
I use Crossfire and am struggling to enter a rebus theme . I see the rebus option but can't seem to enter it in the puzzle. Any suggestions?
Title: Re: crossfire
Post by: ahimsa on May 30, 2012, 05:14:05 PM
I have not done any puzzles with a rebus but I just tested out this feature on my copy of Crossfire and it worked okay for me. I'll list what I did in my simple test. Here's hoping it will help you figure out your problem!

I started with a blank grid and then I clicked on the Rebus tab. There's an "Add" button at the lower left of this tab. Click on this button and it will ask you to define a new rebus. I defined an easy rebus of 4 letters, STAR, with the user symbol S. This rebus was added to the list (you can define several of them) with a green "+" sign to enter it into the puzzle and a red "x" to delete it from the list.

Next, I selected an empty square in the grid and used the "+" button to add it to the puzzle. Finally, I checked the fill feature. Sure enough, it found words containing STAR even though all 4 letters were in only one square.

In case my description didn't help, here's the link to their web page for this feature -

Good luck!