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Title: LAT Wed. 2/24 Scott Atkinson
Post by: magus on February 24, 2010, 09:29:27 AM

Play thing    PROP
It's a wrap    SARAN

In addition to the screwy theme, Scott gave us at least two entries each in politics, biology, geography, TV, movies, sports, animals, and foreign exchange.  There were also six music entries.

61A is "Benjamin Button portrayer" and BRADPITT is the answer.  Brad is a small nail which goes with the theme, but so does "Button," which is also used to connect.  So the clue has a word that would fit the theme.

29A is UBOLT, but the clue is not starred in my newspaper edition.  Was it an oversight or am I missing the difference between bolt and nut, which is starred?  [A bolt is a combination of a nut and a screw.]