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Title: Help with clue writing
Post by: garold323 on July 25, 2009, 08:51:52 AM

I'm working on writing theme clues a puzzle that has a three-part title to a literary work. Also in the puzzle I have the author's first and last name as separate answers. What's the best way to clue these?

Let's say my puzzle theme and layout was (it's not):

20-across: OLDMAN
34-across: AND
53-across: THESEA

28-across: ERNEST
46-across: HEMINGWAY

How do I clue? Seems to me that it doesn't make sense to say:

With 34- and 53-across, work by 28- and 46-across

That clue sounds like two different authors, right?

Also, it seems weird to clue ERNEST as:

With 46-across, author of 20-, 34- and 53-across

That clue sounds like three different literary works.

Any ideas?


Title: Re: Help with clue writing
Post by: brendansullivan07 on September 20, 2009, 11:05:35 PM
Maybe these clues are slightly better:

20-Across: With 34- and 53-Across, this puzzle's theme
34/53-Across: See 20-Across

28-Across: With 46-Across, author of this puzzle's theme
54-Across: See 28-Across
Title: Re: Help with clue writing
Post by: Doorbell on September 21, 2009, 01:01:22 PM
I think I would clue 28-Across as: With 46-Across, author of a notable work of fiction.  You could then clue 20-Across as: With 34-Across and 53-Across, a notable work of fiction.