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Title: LAT Wed. 7/8 Don Gagliardo's Silent Puzzle
Post by: magus on July 08, 2009, 10:22:55 AM
My newspaper didn't shade or circle the silent letters, but Cruciverb's LAT had circles, and I am happy it did.  This was a most clever theme with seven "secret" letters "meeting" in fourteen answers.

I also liked "Cancun green" for PESO and "Cain raiser" for ADAM.

I was a bit confused about URLS for "Browser drop down list, briefly" because I think of URL's as addresses.  I guess Don means that a drop down list could contain URL's.

"Blockbuster, e.g." for BOMB is interesting in that taken literally, a bomb can blast or "bust" a block.  Taken figuratively, "the bomb" is new slang for something great, like a blockbuster.