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Title: LAT Sun. 7/5 Richard Silvestri's Sound Puzzle
Post by: magus on July 05, 2009, 10:00:57 AM

"Opening frames"   JAMBS [didn't immediately think of door frames]
"Girl George?"   ELIOT [novelist Mary Anne Evans' pen name]
"Inn group"   MAIDS
"High range"   TREBLE [I was thinking mountains]
"Strings of islands?"    UKES
"Knight game"   Joust
"Double checker?"    KING [in checkers]
"Commercial developers"    ADMEN

Themes which appeal to the inner ear are fun, and this one was most appealing, especially:
"Cookie made with Chianti instead of figs?"  WINENEWTON;
"Put an X where you want to cut the cord?"    MARKTWINE; and
"Female chiropractor?"   LADYOFSPINE

I liked that Prince's PURPLE Rain was linked with music from an earlier time: the "Blue Danube."  Other pop music references were KAREN Carpenter and Paul Anka's "ESO Beso."  Even the "Girl George" clue is an oblique reference to singer Boy George.  And of course there's Wayne NEWTON.

Richard seems also to like books having made reference to AGNES of David Copperfield, George Eliot, Al GORE's scary book, American Psycho, and MARK Twain.