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Title: Two newbie questions
Post by: dirtywater on January 09, 2012, 04:02:22 PM
Couple questions, would appreciate input from anyone with experience getting published...

1. Submitting multiple puzzles at once -- is that a no-no for someone with no experience, or a good thing? If a no-name constructor sends in 2-3 puzzles at once to a major paper like the NYT or LAT, will it have any impact on getting published or not?

2. The "Quips and Quotes" theme... I feel like I rarely see it these days. Do people still make puzzles with long sentences spelled out across 3-5 theme entries? Do they still show up in big newspapers?
Title: Re: Two newbie questions
Post by: SJS on January 10, 2012, 06:00:37 PM
1.  I don't think the number you send makes a big deal, but I think it might be better for you if you send them one at a time.  Feedback can help.  Unfortunately, response time for NYT is very slow, but if you send to LAT you would hear back in time to make a difference on later submissions.

2.  My understanding is that solvers and editors don't like quote puzzles unless they are LOL funny, or really appropriate.  Frank Longo still does a lot of joke puzzles on Sundays where the first 4 or so theme entries are the set up and the last one is the payoff, and I enjoy those very much as a solver.  Of course, Frank Longo is one of the real geniuses of construction.
Title: Re: Two newbie questions
Post by: magus on January 12, 2012, 09:48:47 AM
Hi, Dirtywater---

I agree with SJS, but I'm writing to ask why you selected the particular net name you did.