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Title: LAT Sun. 6/21 Fred Piscop
Post by: magus on June 21, 2009, 09:48:20 AM

"Seventh day activity"    REST [never thought of rest as an activity]
"Modeling accessory"   DECAL [I first thought "tiara"]
"Hard cash?"   COIN  [could be "cold, hard cash"]
"Room in a big house?"    CELL [also a room in a simple house {monk's cell}]

"Ivory tower milieu"  for ACADEMIA is a common expression, but as a one-time academic, I never felt I was in a tower, and if I were, the tower would hardly have been ivory.

I guess I'm too old to appreciate e-texting abbreviations.  I assume MYOB means mind your own business, but is there really a need?  How often, after all, does someone use that expression in writing?  Are all expressions fodder for such short-cutting?  Would PPTP be understood for "please pass the potatoes"?  How about WWOTS for "while we're on the subject"?  I suggest for the lexicon, wherever it's printed, the addition of PU for "particularly upsetting."

I didn't know chili was rated by its ALARM rating, as in a "five alarm fire."  It's clever.