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Title: LAT Tue. 5/26 Fred Jackson III
Post by: magus on May 26, 2009, 09:14:43 AM
Good Ones!

"Makes cents"    MINTS
"Wisdom unit"   PEARL
"Register single"    DOLLAR
"Nuts or crackers?"    LOCO

I have to watch more football because I didn't know what JUKES were.  I had thought DEKES (as in decoys) which are baseball and hockey terms, but ULEE changed my mind.

QUESTION:  Is there anyone who knows the song "No Other Love" from MEANDJULIET?  When I was 8 my mother played the 78 RPM made famous by Perry Como so often it wore out, and my dad bought her a second copy.  Oddly, I still occasionally listen to and appreciate Perry Como discs.