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Title: Is this theme idea sound or sellable?
Post by: BradleyRobbins on December 22, 2011, 06:30:10 PM
Have been messing around for a while with a theme idea that I like, but also hate.  I love some of the combinations it generates, and could also be used for multiple puzzles, but it also seems perhaps a tad cheesy.  In addition, as you will see, I am unsure how to clue the entries.  The theme is similar to a "Before and After" from Wheel of Fortune (groan), using movie titles, as follows:

Groundhog Day of the Dead
Deep Blue Seabiscuit
Dead Man Walking Tall

You get the idea.  Tons of these could be done fairly easily.  I have two related ideas for creating clues. 

One is just to one main actor or actress from each film:
Sean Penn and Dwayne Johnson collaboration?

The other is to combine the prior clue with some clever combination of aspects from the movies.  This however seems to be a stretch and makes for long clues:
Bill Murray and Mena Suvari film about waking up to see the same zombies every day?
This style clue does have the benefit of making solving easier.

Anyway, part of my brain really likes this theme idea and another part does not.  Any ideas for making it workable are appreciated,  or just telling me to throw it in the circular file is great too!

Title: Re: Is this theme idea sound or sellable?
Post by: colincorgi on December 27, 2011, 04:13:03 AM
This is a pretty cool idea IMO, but I think it needs to have the funny clues for there to be enough payoff. How about titling the puzzle UNCUT FILMS, and having the clues take the form: [Uncut film about ... ?]?. Also, I have the vague feeling the theme has been done before (maybe 2 or so years ago in the NYT?) but I could be imagining things -- I'd poke around a bit before starting construction. Good luck!
Title: Re: Is this theme idea sound or sellable?
Post by: VB on December 27, 2011, 07:35:35 AM
Hey -

I agree with colincorgi that before and after themes are not uncommon, so there is risk that it will have been done before.No reason not to take your shot - nearly everything has been done before.  I might try to tighten the theme more, e.g., by making all of the first movies star the same actor/actress or been Oscar winners or something like that, if possible.

Good luck with it!

- VB