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Title: LAT Sun. 5/10 John Lampkin
Post by: magus on May 10, 2009, 09:10:09 PM
Good Ones!
"They're often bored"    HOLES
"Revisionist?"   EDITOR
"Beauty groups?"   BEVIES
"Pen pal chatter?"   OINKS

It's been a month or two since I failed to complete a puzzle correctly, so I was due.  I didn't know BILLW and couldn't get BOWWOWS because I stubornly clung to ACE for "Elicit a 5-Down" [OOH for "Impressive].  ACE left me with BO_COWS.  I thought perhaps "moocows" but was left with "boocows," which I knew was wrong.  Had I thought to change ACE to AWE, I would have had BO_WOWS, and would have come up with BOWWOWS.  But I didn't so I didn't.

I liked the musical references from OCTET (which I had to change from MOTET) to SCHLOMO, and several in between.  I also liked the reference to Ted Klusziewski [sp?] whom I remember for his sleeveless shirts showing off his biceps.

I thought the founder of Scholasticism was Thomas Aquinas, who cited Anselm but was the far more lauded philosopher.

Never knew how much the OED weighed till now.  Thanks, John.

I don't get "Possession" for HANDS.    :)