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Title: LAT Thu. 5/7 Jack McInturff
Post by: magus on May 07, 2009, 08:48:20 AM
"Short change?"    CTS
"Canned heat"   STERNO
"Shaky start?"    ESS
"That's a moray"   EEL [oldie but goodie]


I remember writing here that INS for electees is so rarely used in the real world and so often used in the Xword world that it should be buried along with SEM and SER for semenary and sermon, respectively.  My clue for INS would be "Not outs" or "Partner of outs."

I also carped, and admittedly it was a carp, about NONHERO for "Unlikely protagonist."  A non-hero is not the protagonist and can't be, or he would be the hero.  So how can the same poor clue be given for the same unusual word?  Herd mentality, I suppose.  Kind of like the Supreme Court's compounding bad law because of precedents (stare decisis).  Or, Jack McInturff hates me.