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Title: LAT Sat. 5/2 Alan Olschwang
Post by: magus on May 02, 2009, 04:01:10 PM

"Bag opening?"    DOGGY [doggie is usual]
"Street address"    BRO
"Branch headquarters?"   TREE
"It's pitched at a stake"   HORSESHOE
"Classic ghost story"    ACHRISTMASCAROL [never thought of it that way]

As long as I've been doing them, Xwords use SER as an abbrev. for sermon, but I've never seen ser. used in the real world.

Pet peeve:  Roman numerals clued not by Arabic numbers but by some vague reference to a date.  Today we had "15th century year" [MCDL].  But if that clue is fair, why wouldn't "Animal" be fair for DOG or "Proper noun" be fair for Bill?  If I were an editor, I would insist that MCDL be clued by "1450 on a building" or "1450 in Roman numerals" [on a Monday, of course]. ;)