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Title: LAT Tue. 4/28 Joy C. Frank
Post by: magus on April 28, 2009, 03:50:42 PM
SHOOTTHEBULL does not sound right.  Shoot the breeze does.  And the latter means to chat, which does not suggest aimlessness. ("Talk aimlessly.)

JUMPTHESHARK is a new one on me.  Perhaps it and SHOOTTHEBULL can be found in a dictionary of slang.

DORAG is a '70's expression which, I believe, meant wig or hat (sometimes "wig hat").  Didn't know it now means a rapper's hat.  If so, I wonder if any cruciverbalist ever heard or read it.

I liked "Dictator's aide" for STENO.

I couldn't figure out what "Much of an orbit" was.  I thought "arc."  Then I found the answer was BIO, which made no sense at all --- until I realized "orbit" was "obit."  I guess reading helps in solving Xwords.   :)