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Title: LAT Thu. 4/23 Dan Naddor
Post by: magus on April 23, 2009, 07:56:59 PM

"Cause of inflation?"   AIR
"One leaving a wake"    HEARSE
"Place for an ace?"    HOLE

When I first read the clue "Hebrew for skyward," I thought, "How am I supposed to know a word like skyward in a foreign language, let alone in Hebrerw!"  But when I realized the answer was ELAL, I smiled.  I should've known that.

Twenty years ago, Xword editors wouldn't let me use THE as part of an answer.  I'm glad LAT doesn't hold the same proscription.  Today there are two THE's in the grid:  THEUS and THEBENDS.

What is interesting about this grid is that, not counting noun phrases, there are 7 phrases, including the two "bean" phrases.  ADDA, IAMSO, ITSSOYOU, ACTNOW, ASKOUT.

And I liked the three baseball references: RBIS, NLE [National League East], & HOMEGAME.

I wasn't wild about ROCOCOART, which seems redundant.