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Title: LAT Sun. 4/19 Dan Naddor
Post by: magus on April 19, 2009, 03:39:02 PM

What is particularly clever about the theme entries is that each boasts a phrase that can be read from the first part as well as from the last part.  BEANCOUNTERTOP can be read "bean counter" and also "counter top."  FOULTIPTOP can be read "foul tip" and also "tip top."  And each of these enjambed phrases ends in "top"; hence the title "Put a Lid On It!"  My favorite is SEPTICTANKTOP ("septic tank" and "tank top") clued with "Shirt needing a chemical rinse?" 

"Star who's out?"    HASBEEN
"Prepare to be shot"    POSE
"When some ties are broken, briefly"    INOT [in overtime]
"Places in tghe heart"    ATRIA
"House shower"    CSPAN
"Worst"    PITS
"Avoid perishing?"   PUBLISH
"Discuss"   GOINTO
"It's a gas"   XENON

One of my many knowledge gaps is in Star Trek-ana.  Constructors are for some reason taken with the series, but TWOTO is a bit too-too for me.