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Title: LAT Thu. 4/16 Don Gagliardo
Post by: magus on April 16, 2009, 12:44:33 PM
I had no idea what AGENTORANGE, GINGERROGERS, STAGEMANAGER, and GEORGEELIOT had in common until 67-Across said to look at the letters.  It's an original idea and fun to do: hard g's Down and soft g's Across.

I guess I had better learn texting abbreviations if I'm to complete today's Xwords.  I have no idea what "As I see it" should look like in this new, mysterious lexicon.

I also don't know what SYN stands for in "Certain, for sure: Abbr."

I liked "Study of rock groups?"  for GEOLOGY and "When pigs fly!" for NOWAYJOSE.