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Title: LAT Sun. 4/5 Will Nediger
Post by: magus on April 05, 2009, 12:50:18 PM
Lots of Good Ones to Go with Clever Theme!
"Opening word?"   MAMA                      "Future elm"    SEED
"Item stolen in 'The Rape of the Lock'" TRESS [answer is in clue]
"Bouncer?"   BALL                                "Penn pal"    TELLER
"Wavy lines, in comics"    ODOR             "Blockbuster transaction"   DVDRENTAL
"Take-out order?"   DELE                       "Spring event"    THAW
"Where spokes meet"    HUB                   "Film introduction?"   MICRO

For STILETTOHEEL we get "Part of femme fatale's outfit," but shouldn't it be heels?  Maybe if the clue read "One part of femme fatale's outfit" it would work better.

I remembered, for some reason, what Patty Hearst's alias was, but I had it Tanya with a y. In keeping with the Pope allusion: "A little learning is a dangerous thing...."

I know MOOR refers to printing an h, but I don't get the "heat" part.  ???