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Title: LAT Sat. 7/1 Barry C. Silk
Post by: magus on July 02, 2011, 09:18:45 AM
Saturday Themeless Challenge
With six you get eggroll; with 31 blocks I want a theme. >:(

Remote drivers?   AACELLS

Half of dodici   SEI [or is it six --- "half" is English, dodici is Italian --- yet the answer is Italian]
Firenze field   CAMPO [clue is half Italian (Florence) and half English --- yet the answer is Italian]
Hot time in {MONTECARLO}   ETE [why not clue the French: “Comp end” or “Gam foot?” or “Mach tail?” or “Noncomp finish?]

Busybody   YENTA [yentas are gossips, but busybodies don’t have to be gossipers; they can be nosy but not share what they have pried from others]

With all my objections it looks as if I didn’t like the puzzle, but it was challenging and had a wide variety of subject matter.

RATING:   ;D ;D Three grins = Excellent: Loved it; Two grins = Good: Enjoyed it; One grin = Satisfactory: A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Unsatisfying: No fun