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Title: LAT Sat. 3/27 Robert H. Wolfe
Post by: magus on March 28, 2009, 01:49:31 PM
     IHAVENTGOTACLUE why this puzzle has only one clever entry, "Letters on seconds" for IRR.  Now KEEPYOURSHIRTON; the five long theme answers took some doing.  But DONTMAKEMELAUGH, there could easily have been some EYEOPENERS.  For example, "Breakthroughs in therapy, say" for EYEOPENERS is questionable at best.  It could have been "Knockouts." And "Visibly embarrassed" for REDASABEET is rather mundane. It could have been "Colorful simile" or "Fruity comparison."
     And while JUJUBE is a word with two j's which is rare in Xwords, "Gelatin candy" doesn't do it justice.  Something more colorful is called for --- to match their colors?  (Bratty kids used to throw them during the Saturday matinees, and the candy would gum up my teeth --- I hated jujubes!)   :)