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Title: LAT Mon. 3/23 Pancho Harrison
Post by: magus on March 23, 2009, 02:30:38 PM
The problem with "easy" puzzles is that they are often denuded of the clever in favor of the mundane.  Today's puzzle is a case in point. 

For CLUE, the prompt is "Crime scene find."   It could have been, say, "Colonel Mustard's game."  It is unlikely that such a prompt would make the puzzle significantly tougher given the "easier" prompts for the words abutting CLUE.

Similarly, for MISS there is the uninspired "Unmarried woman's title."  Just a moment's thought could yield a prompt such as "Swiss ____" or "It's a good as a mile" or "Curds and whey eater's title."

I suspect editors are trying to appeal to a broad audience for Monday and Tuesday puzzles, but I believe thay can do so without forfeiting the fun Xwords have to offer.   :)