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Title: LAT Thu. 5/19 Peter A. Collins
Post by: magus on May 19, 2011, 09:18:12 AM
At Sea

Ideal conclusion?   IST
20% of seventy-six?   ESSES [two esses in the ten letters = 1/5 or 20%]
Bad lads   CADS [they rhyme]

How the alphabet run A-I relates to FISHY, SEA, and BUBBLES was not clear to me. Then I literally “connected” the letters with a line and it came out to be a fish. 

Not sure about the circles hinted at by Don Ho’s bubbles --- unless thy represent the bubbles a fish may make.
Also have no idea what HARDC as to do with music --- though “high C” might make sense.

This is a good puzzle, but I’m afraid I’m not up to all of it and suspect most others are similarly at sea.